Bradview Homes, Ltd. is an experienced custom homes developer and construction firm specializing in designing and building fine homes. The company’s core business has been the acquisition and development of custom residential parcels in Toronto and the surronding area. Bradview Homes is among the industry’s most conscientious, detail-oriented and quality-minded builders in the GTA.

We strongly believe that quality is not only in the details, but also in the functionality and flow of a home. After all, there are many companies that can build a big house, but very few who have the ability to create a warm family home with grand “estate-sized” dwelling areas.

Whether you wish to have us build your dream home, finish your basement, build you a custom kitchen or bathroom, we’re your partners from beginning to end; from finding you the right plot of land if needed, to pre-planning all that you need& to designing with an architect that’s right for you, to monitoring every construction detail, to completion and then beyond the completion to ensure your satisfaction.

Bradview Homes has 24 years of experince making dreams come true. We have completed scores of successful construction projects, from the smallest bathroom remodel to the development of estates in the most prestigious areas around Toronto. Bradview Homes is based in Bradford, Ontario and we are always seeking new development opportunities. We look forward to working with you on your next project.